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Alan Hellawell
Founder & Principal

Alan Hellawell is a US national. He has been intimately involved in the technology  space since 1995, in both corporate leadership roles and as a top-ranked investment  banking analyst and venture investor.

Alan’s past operational roles span archetypal companies such as Netscape Communications Lucent Technologies, and Sea Group, the latter being Southeast Asia’s first NYSE-listed internet company. His responsibilities across these roles included product management, strategy, partnerships, in-bound and outbound investment and M&A, investor relations and other areas. In addition to these industry roles, Alan has also developed his technology investment acumen at firms including UBS, Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank and Alpha JWC Ventures.


After graduating university in 1990, Alan began his career in technology at Hong Kong-based Inter-Asia Venture Management, one of the region’s first venture capital funds, established in 1972. Alan was responsible for a wide range of primary research on behalf of the fund. During his time at IAVM, Alan also served as a Junior Editor of the IAVM portfolio company, Asian Venture Capital Journal.

Alan then moved to Taiwan, where he worked for SG Warburg Securities (now UBS) as Associate Director of Research. His teams won a number of awards for their superior research. After returning to the US to begin his MBA and MEAS at Stanford University, Alan joined Netscape Communications, the world’s first publicly listed internet company, where he helped the browser company develop its China presence. He continued his career in technology working at Lucent Technologies, where he participated in Lucent’s select Global Leadership Development Program. He was then hired away by optical networking company Zaffire Communications as VP of Marketing.


Alan then spent five years with Lehman Brothers, where he rose to co-Head the bank’s Asian equity research team. Alan then joined Deutsche Bank to run its Asia TMT research group for 11 years. Alan was the top-ranked analyst across DB’s global research team of more than 500 analysts for several years. Alan during this period also managed a team of six internet analysts, and broader team of 25 Asia TMT analysts. Alan supported many of China's largest internet companies from their early, private stages through IPO and beyond. He maintains to this day founder-level relationships with Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, and many others. Alan published many thought-leading pieces on the technology space, from two 100+ page reports on the cloud opportunity, to a 50-page deep-dive review of digital advertising. Alan has throughout helped cultivate the careers of many of the industry’s leading technology analysts.

Alan currently acts as a Venture Partner at Alpha JWC Ventures, a leading early stage Southeast Asian venture capital fund with USD175m under management. Alan helped raise much of the firm’s USD125m second fund from key corporate strategics. He has also worked intimately with several of AJWC’s portfolio companies in areas such as fund-raising, positioning, product-market fit and strategic alliances. He has worked closely with his colleagues to drive the NAV of Fund II up 3X since the it was launched in August, 2018.


Alan has also worked regularly with management across many leading global platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Paypal; in addition to the world’s leading PE, VC and investment banking firms.


Alan received his Bachelors Degree in History and East Asian Studies from Princeton University, and both a Masters Degree in East Asian Studies and an MBA from Stanford University. Alan has studied several languages, and is most fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and French.

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